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The Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner has High Power for Quick Cleaning Which is made from aircraft-used alloy ensures strong suction output. And the durable and resistant patented design ensures great absorbing pressure.

Strong Suction

Made from aircraft-used alloy and the patented design which is durable and resistant that ensures strong suction output. The duct design ensures duct smoothness and great absorbing pressure.

Portable & Cordless

Cell phone size one-handed operation and it weighs only 0.5 kg. Without cords, it can be moved anywhere. At the same time with various cleaning heads, can clean anywhere, such as car seat aperture, car dashboard, air vent, the sofa of the gap in the home, the blind angle, etc.

Easy to Store and Wash

It’s compact and convenient to store at the car door storage compartment. Stainless steel metal cover + quick-drying non-woven fabric + blasting sponge enable the vacuum cleaner to be durable, rust-free, washable and quick-drying.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with three batteries, the vacuum cleaner can run for over 21 minutes while providing robust absorbing pressure.


Q: Why can't the vacuum cleaner work when charging?

A: For safety reasons, it will not work when it is charging. When it is fully charged, it can be used normally after disconnecting. This is not the quality problem of the product.

Q: Why is there no response after starting the vacuum cleaner?

A: Due to a long time of international logistics transportation, please check the battery level of the product when you receive the product. If there is no power, please charge it for 2 hours and then start it.

Q: What should I do if there is a problem with the product?

A: Please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to solve your problem. If you like this product, please rest assured to buy. 


Q: How small is this? Is the suction enough?

A: It's about 11 inches long, about the size of a water glass. It has the same suction as the high-power vacuum cleaner at home. You can leave it anywhere in the car.

Q: How to charge it?

A: It charges via a USB Type-C port (wire provided). All you need is an outlet and a USB plug.

Q: Can it be used for carpeted stairs?

A: Sure! It can be used as a home vacuum cleaner.

Q: Really do not need a charging cable?

A: Yes, there is a built-in battery, which can save the trouble of the charging cable.

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