Baseus Disposable Alcohol Prep Pad

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1. After using this product for wiping and disinfecting, it will be completely volatilized and no residue after about 30 seconds.
2. Alcohol tablets can not only be disinfected but also suitable for camping when camping in the wild!
3. Easy to use and carry - a single piece of independent packaging, just need to simply tear the package, you can use it to disinfect the wounds and instruments. A lot more than the traditional use of bottled alcohol, iodine plus cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze, and tweezers!
4. Wide-use, long-term storage in special packaging (three-year shelf life), suitable for staying.

Use range:
Can be used for skin, around the wound, disinfection before injection; keyboard, mobile phone, office supplies, portable supplies, tableware, children's toys, etc. cleaning and disinfection; frequently touched items, toilet seat cushions, etc. before use; small outdoor travel, camping The wound is urgently disinfected and ignited to support combustion.

Alcohol can kill Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and various bacterial propagules such as Enterobacter, and can also kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It also has a good killing effect on respiratory and enteroviruses (including Hepatitis A virus), as well as dermatophytes, Aspergillus and yeast pathogenic fungi.

Model Name: Car Air Paste Diffuser Solid Perfume
Model Number: 100+20PCS/ 200+20PCS Alcohol disinfectant
Weight: 1
Material: Cotton
Condition: 100% brand new & high quality
Material Type: Plastic+Alloy
Count: 6╳6cm 100+20PCS or 200+20PCS / Box
Active ingredients: 75%(±5%) Medical Isopropyl Alcohol
Material: Non-woven fiber cloth
Item Weight: 0.12kg
Color: white

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