Baseus First Class Car Headrest (Cushioning + Long-distance Sleep)

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"First Class" Experience

Noble and Comfortable

98% of drivers will encounter these troubles while driving

EVA memory cotton and double shock absorbing spring

During the frequent start/stop on bumpy or congested roadsections, never worry about cervical spine injury caused by inertialforce impact.

Side Sleep/Full Wrapping

Design of Vibration Damping Shaft

Push and press install in one second

Suitable for 99% car models, comfortable to lean on without affecting the normal driving

Zero pressure, comfortable neck protection

Full filling for neck, reducing cervical impact and making driving more comfortable

5 second slow rebound memory sponge

Comfortable support without sinking in between

Three-dimensional hemming neat and orderly stitching

Strengthened binding design, delicate sewing and stitching.

Wipe to clean

Wipe the surface layer of leather with wet paper towelor rag, which is simple and convenient.

Excellent Details

Aluminum alloy strut, firm and reliable leaning

Bendable rotating shaft for smooth and convenient rotation

Design of double-wing base plate to aid bending of headrest

Product Parameters

-Product Name: Baseus First Class Car Headrest -Feature:Cushioning+Long-distance Sleep -Material: PU leather aluminum alloy -Size: Front: 270*123mm / Side: 181*123mm